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Mr Burkhalter said Switzerland is prepared for the UK’s plans to leave the EU – Switzerland’s main trading partner. It is also an opportunity [for us], if not everything has to be done via the EU,” he told the newspapers in a syndicated interview.Mr Burkhalter admitted that there were several unknowable factors but said the Swiss government would soon discuss ways of launching negotiating mandates with Britain.“Our goal is to have legal security as soon as possible,” he told the Wednesday edition of the newspaper.Swiss business leaders have expressed concern about the impact of Britain’s plan to leave the European single market.But the alleged use of chemical weapons last week demanded a reaction.Would America permit Assad, yet again, to cross a humanitarian red line?Predictably, it is the old alliance of Britain and America that leads the search for answers.It is a watershed moment that could define the foreign policies of both governments.

The decision not to support the Syrian resistance in 2013 allowed Russia to fill the void, prop up the regime and nudge it towards victory.Their latest contribution is to join the Liberal Democrats in demanding a “ratification referendum” when the final terms of Brexit, if any, are agreed.As many have noted, while the British people voted by a small but clear margin to leave the European Union last year, common sense tells us that they did not necessarily vote to destroy industries and jobs and endanger national security.The Swiss bankers’ association last year proposed an alliance with London, Hong Kong and Singapore to thrash out deals on accessing EU markets without being hit with high tariffs.In July, Economics Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann said stable relations with Britain were crucial for the Swiss banking sector and pharmaceutical industry and called on the Swiss and UK Governments to hold talks as soon as possible.The President, Donald Trump, decided not: Tomahawk missiles struck the dictator’s air base.


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