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You will get an automated response with further instructions on how to unsubscribe from the list.You are not simply unsubscribed immediately so that someone can't unsubscribe other people from the list without their consent.The rat who only gets a prize some of the time will pull that damn lever over and over and over again. It’s exponentially more exciting and rewarding because we’re surprised when we get the reward and addicted to the possibility of getting a reward next time when we don’t. So what do rats and reinforcement have to do with dating? Getting a response or attention from a person only some of the time instead of every time we try makes us want to try to get that person’s attention even more.Anyone who had done any online dating can probably give antedotal evidence of this.If the mailing list you would like to unsubscribe from is in the list on our mailing lists page, then you don't need to use your mail client to unsubscribe, you can do so on the web, using the form on the page.

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I briefly mentioned (in my exasperated rant about yet anther ghosting) that I have once again entered the dark and mysteriously alluring world of online dating, this time with an altered approach.

If you get a reply that says you are not subscribed to the mailing list, but you are receiving mailing list traffic, it may be because your email is now coming from a different address than when you first subscribed.

(This is determined using the SMTP "envelope sender", not the 'From:' or any other header in your email.


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