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Cluster analysis showed that the black-seeded accessions were largely clustered together and the breeding lines were grouped with known origin.Computer simulation was performed to assess the impact of 454 SNPs missing and revealed considerable changes in allelic count, bias in detection of genetic structure, and large deviations from the expected genetic-distance matrix.The evolution of fault tolerant computers has been well documented (see D. Manufacturers use fault tolerant machines for automated factory control, inventory management, and on-line document access systems.Other applications of fault tolerant machines include reservation systems, government data bases, wagering systems, and telecomml~n;cations systems.

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Interrupts from I/O devices are communicated from the I/O devices to the CPUs (or from one CPUto another CPU) as message packets.The CPUs (20, 22, 24 and 26) include a request process (133) and a storage...The CPUs (20, 22, 24 and 26) include a request process (133) and a storage process (130).The 454 scored SNPs were highly imbalanced among assayed samples.Diversity analysis of these SNPs revealed that 26.1 % of the total variation resided among landrace, cultivar and breeding lines and 24.7 % between yellow- and black-seeded germplasm.One and one half 454 pyrosequencing runs generated roughly 1.2 million sequence reads totaling about 392 million nucleotides.


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