But what really distinguished modern science was the use of experiment.The ancients recognized observation as the foundation of science; Thales came up with what we would call methodological naturalism, the doctrine that observable effects have physical causes, and it was the goal of science to discover those causes by studying the effects.(By Antiquity, I mean a generous time-frame which includes Hellenic Antiquity, Islamic Dar As-Salaam, and Christian Philosophy before the Renaissance, that is before Galileo).The fundamental difference between ancient science and modern science isn't in the use of mathematics, although advances in mathematics since Euclid's day certainly helped fuel the scientific advances of the Enlightenment.This makes it easier for a love interest to be vetted by friends and for teens to hold each other accountable.Obviously, peer pressure can go in a negative direction, but this lessens when we get to know the individuals in their group.Some simply appeal to arguments of tradition and familiarity with the system.Still many other Christians object to the “scientific” origin of this designation.


As a parent, you want your teen to be open with you about who they are dating and talking too, and at the same time when it is too open: it’s too much to handle as a parent.

Subtract one from the other and I'll have a rough-cut figure for how many were made. PRII owners were kind enough to start sending their serial numbers in.

I was puzzled to see how some of them were separated by over 100,000.

I would have to collect data for ALL the amp types, just to work out how many were made of mine.

Then I became aware of the amazing work Greg Gagliano had been doing since the 1990s - the summary of his latest results are here - and that his research stopped just before the Rivera-era. However for this range of amps at least, I reckon it's not just a policy of withholding company-confidential information. It's no criticism of Fender to suggest that they were too busy making great amps to keep records just so some amateur can use them thirty years later.


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